Illegal fishing – dredging around the Eddystone – Fishermen prosecuted

November 2016   Illegal fishing – dredging around the Eddystone – Fishermen prosecuted


A Plymouth skipper and the owner of his boat face a court bill of almost £11,000 after admitting illegal scallop fishing. David Thomas, 29, of Kiln Close, Plymouth, and Portsmouth-based Viviers UK Ltd both pleaded guilty to nine fisheries offences – including dredging in environmentally sensitive areas. Six charges related to fishing in a prohibited area – the Start Point to Plymouth Sound and Eddystone Special Area of Conservation (SAC). They were also charged with two counts of failing to properly submit logbook and landing information and one count of retaining undersized scallops on board. Magistrates handed down fines and costs totalling £10,987. Click here to read more


A fishing boat owner and skipper caught illegally dredging on the Eddystone reefs are facing a combned ourt bill of more than £17,000. Cornwall Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) successfully prosecuted the owner and master of the scallop dredging vessel Celtic Star CS1.

On May 26 this year, Cornwall IFCA used the UK remote monitoring system to identify the Celtic Star in areas where it is prohibited to use bottom towed gear.

The boat was known to use scallop dredges and officers were concerned that the speed indicated was consistent with a vessel towing fishing gear of this type.

Scalloping is banned to protect important species

The inshore patrol vessel, Saint Piran, took officers to the scene to board the Celtic Star and found on-board plotter systems which showed the vessel had been within the prohibited area.

At Truro Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday, the owner of the Celtic Star, Portsmouth-based Viviers UK Ltd, and the vessel’s skipper Shane Stratton, 28, of Maya Close, Southend-On-Sea, pleaded guilty to an offence of dredging for scallops in a prohibited area.

The magistrates handed down fines and costs totalling £17,837.

The sentences

Viviers UK Ltd

  • Fine £15,000
  • Victim surcharge £170
  • Costs £2,000

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