Marine Data & Information – ‘Revolution and Evolution’

John Pepper
Marketing Director, OceanWise Limited

T: +44 (0)1420 768262

Mike Osborne
OceanWise Limited

The key message that this presentation seeks to impart is that it is time to turn the way we think about data upside down. This is the revolution element. The evolution (or innovative – it’s so much more fashionable) element provides evidence to support this drastic assertion. The familiar Data – Information – Knowledge Pyramid with Data at the base supporting Information which is turned into Knowledge and then into Wisdom (or more usefully –  improved and informed Decisions) gives a visual impression of stability and implies the more data we have, the bigger and stronger the pyramid becomes. This can only be true if the non-machine parts (i.e. people and their associated theories and understanding) can keep up with the greater flow of data. We need machines to do more (automated tracking of data manipulations also known as PROVENANCE) but we also need to recognise our current limitations in terms of thinking, understanding and resolving!

Evidence is provided, in the form of examples of evolution (albeit pretty rapid), to support our assertion about revolution. We also point out that, without proper data management, all the previous grand thinking we have used will come to nothing or, even worse, result in us believing we have better knowledge and wisdom and decisions BECAUSE we have more data. This is dangerous because we may be deluding ourselves.

A simple diagram and three thoughts as to where we really are in the marine for maps & data, for knowledge use and data management are provided for you to take away. Be afraid, be very afraid as the journey ahead might be uncomfortable!